Blender 3D User Preferences Options

The first time you open Blender 3D, there is some User Preferences you might want to change.
First, I recommend that you use the Maya Keymap presets, since it is better to learn to work with standard shortcuts that are more similar to others application like Maya or Unity.

Input Tab – User Preferences…
To change the Keymap you can do (Ctrl+Alt+U) or go in
File – User Preferences… – Input
At the top of the Input Tab, you need to change the two drop down menu Presets to Maya.
You can also take a look at my Blender3D Keymap Tweaks page if you want tips to customize some shortcuts.

System Tab – User Preferences…
Still in the Preferences windows, you can also go in the System Tab
Change the Compute Device to CUDA and select your video card, this will use your graphic card GPU to render instead of your computer CPU.
In the middle of this System Tab, you can also check the Region Overlap box in the middle, this will make the Blender Tools Panel transparent and make your feel like having more working space.

Addon Tab – User Preferences…
A lot of very interesting Addon can be enable. The addons that you might like to enable:
3D View: Dynamic Spacebar Menu
User Interface: Pie Menu Official
Import-Export: Import Images as Planes
Import-Export: Export Camera Animation
Add Curve: *All of them
Add Mesh: *All of them
Animation: *All of them
Mesh: Bsurfaces GPL Edition
Mesh: F2
Mesh: Inset Polygon
Mesh: LoopTools
Mesh: Relax
Material Material Utils
Object: Add Chain
Object: Cloud Generator
Object: Fracture Tools
Object: Grease Scatter Objects
Rigging: Rigify
Development: API Navigator
Development: Icons

Interface Tab – User Preferences…
Here you might want to change some options according to your preferences that can help you with View Manipulation.
If you don’t Blender to ask it you can uncheck the Show Splash when you open Blender.

To keep the change you just made to Blender User Preferences for next time, you can do Save User Settings at the bottom of the Blender User Preferences Window.