Tools for Unity software

GUI & 2D Sprite Tools

Level Editor

Game Mechanics & AI Tools

Input Tools

Doc Search!/content/3708?aid=1101lGsK

UnityVS – Write and debug using Microsoft Visual Studio for Unity software

P4Connect – Perforce plugin for Unity software!/content/25523?aid=1101lGsK

Script Inspector 3!/content/3535?aid=1101lGsK

Favorites Tabs!/content/4237?aid=1101lGsK

Heavy-Duty Inspector – add easy-to-use property attributes to your variables (color, reorder, show/hide, etc.)!/content/14472?aid=1101lGsK

Odin – Inspector and Serializer!/content/89041?aid=1101lGsK

Full Inspector: Inspect Everything!/content/14913?aid=1101lGsK

Spotlight Inspector – tree-view control to edit all the components of game objects and prefabs!/content/74994?aid=1101lGsK

Property Inspector – find and edit properties!/content/78734?aid=1101lGsK

NG Tools!/content/34109?aid=1101lGsK

SmartStudio Standard, Free!/content/4850?aid=1101lGsK!/content/4916?aid=1101lGsK


Sublime Text


Advanced Additive Scenes (Multi-Scene Editing)!/content/15577?aid=1101lGsK

Pool Manager!/content/1010?aid=1101lGsK

Audio Toolkit with Object Pooling Class!/content/2647?aid=1101lGsK

Playmaker – visual scripting tool!/content/368?aid=1101lGsK

convert a declarative PlayMaker FSM into a pure C# finite state machine

uScript Professional – Visual Scripting Tool!/content/1808?aid=1101lGsK
uScript Basic!/content/31443?aid=1101lGsK
uScript Personal Learning Edition!/content/52060?aid=1101lGsK

Antares Universe (VIZIO)!/content/495?aid=1101lGsK!/content/1566?aid=1101lGsK

Antares Project

Shader Forge – node-based shader editor!/content/14147?aid=1101lGsK

Lightmapping Extended!/content/6071?aid=1101lGsK

SceneMate – toolbar to increase workflow speed!/content/5656?aid=1101lGsK

Persistent Components!/content/59009?aid=1101lGsK

Edit multiple gameobjects

Game Translator – by the Google Translate API

Translation Editor

Localization package – Language localization!/content/984?aid=1101lGsK

StrangeIoC – Inversion-of-Control framework (lightweight & extensible)!

RapidUnity Light Library – asset for Unity software!/content/203?aid=1101lGsK

RapidUnity Array Wizard – asset for Unity software!/content/202?aid=1101lGsK

RapidUnity Extra Primitives – asset for Unity software!/content/217?aid=1101lGsK

Array based Object Placement Tool (Editor Extension)


FMODUnity .NET Plugin

UniLOD – Level-of-detail and streaming support

M2HCulling: Optimize your game – culling system for Unity

Cubemaps Generator – Automatic progress bars load

UnitySteer – help build steering behaviors for autonomous agents for Unity software

Mega-fiers modifiers – 3D Mesh Modifier System!/content/644?aid=1101lGsK

Mesh Baker – Mesh Combine optimization, create atlases so they can share materials (for static/dynamic batching)!/content/5017?aid=1101lGsK!/content/31895?aid=1101lGsK

Mesh Baker LOD – Level Of Detail optimization!/content/12276?aid=1101lGsK

Game Draw 3D modeling

Vehicle Editor Resource Pack

EasyRoads3D – Road Systems for Unity software!/content/469?aid=1101lGsK!/content/987?aid=1101lGsK

Road/Path Tool – River Tool – Terrain Toolkit

Road Network Generator

Terrain 4 Mobile System

Cloud System!/content/1763?aid=1101lGsK

Simple Cloud System!/content/6715?aid=1101lGsK

uniSWF – Convert Adobe Flash to Unity3D UI Solution!/content/46738?aid=1101lGsK!/content/16783?aid=1101lGsK!/content/3630?aid=1101lGsK

UnityScript to C# Converter – js to C# converter for Unity software!/content/5954?aid=1101lGsK

Convert Unity software Javascript (unityscript) to C#

Convert C# to Boo

Lua Interface Library for Unity software!/content/391?aid=1101lGsK

Wolfram Language will soon be integrated into Unity

LibNoise (Perlin, RiggedMultifractal, Voronoi, Billow Noises) – ported for Unity software

Griddy – Grid Toolkit for Unity software

Stitchscape – ObjReader – UniFileBrowser – Fractscape

Chromatica – high quality color grading

Vectrosity (Line, Circle, Ellipse, Grid & Selection)!/content/82?aid=1101lGsK

Cinema Pro Cams – Film Lens & 3D Toolkit!/content/15641?aid=1101lGsK

AVPro Movie Capture!/content/2670?aid=1101lGsK


Screenshot Creator!/content/8682?aid=1101lGsK!/content/67779?aid=1101lGsK

Text to Speech [Dll] for Win32


Browsing the web within Unity software Editor

Berkelium plugin: rendering interactive websites


ArToolkit Webcam

Automatic PDF Gereration with Sharp PDF

Tree Creation and Editing Video edit/tree edit.html

Runtime obj importer!/content/22195

M2HPatcher – Patch/update your games

3D Save Tool for Unity software

EZ Replay Manager

ColdScene – SceneXML

Record Unity3D Gameplay

Unity 3 iPhone Plugins

OUYA Unity plugin


Facebook SDK for Unity software

UniTool – Advanced Unity embedding and Flash Interfacing

iOS Unity Youtube Player

WordPress Blog Plugin for Unity software

WordPress Plugin with Duplicates Fix for Unity software

Unsupported 64-bit Windows web player for Unity software version 3.4

Anti-Cheat Toolkit!/content/10395?aid=1101lGsK



Crypto Obfuscator


Script Obfuscator for Unity software – a special protection tool!/content/48919?aid=1101lGsK