Shaders for Unity software

Amplify Shader Editor!/content/68570?aid=1101lGsK

Shader Forge!/content/14147?aid=1101lGsK


COLR – Coloring Redefined!/content/57591?aid=1101lGsK

Color Box – UV Free Unlit Color Gradient Shader!/content/67924?aid=1101lGsK

Lighting Box 2 – Next-Gen Lighting Solution!/content/93057?aid=1101lGsK

Bitmap2Material 3.0!/content/24267?aid=1101lGsK
Bitmap2Material 3.0 Lite!/content/24279?aid=1101lGsK

Allegorithmic Substances

Substance Designer Pro!/content/18464?aid=1101lGsK
Substance Designer Indie!/content/18465?aid=1101lGsK

Substance Painter 2 Pro!/content/59601?aid=1101lGsK
Substance Painter 2 Indie!/content/59738?aid=1101lGsK

Substance Database 2.0!/content/2337?aid=1101lGsK

Alloy Physical Shader Framework!/content/11978?aid=1101lGsK

UBER – Standard Shader Ultra!/content/39959?aid=1101lGsK

Toony Colors Pro 2!/content/8105?aid=1101lGsK

Volumetric Fog & Mist!/content/49858?aid=1101lGsK

Camera Filter Pack!/content/18433?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify Shader Editor!/content/68570?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify Color!/content/1894?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify Occlusion!/content/56739?aid=1101lGsK

SSAO Pro!/content/22369?aid=1101lGsK

Simple SSAO!/content/57053?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify Bloom!/content/53299?aid=1101lGsK

BloomPro: AAA, Mobile-Ready!/content/22217?aid=1101lGsK

FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready!/content/22189?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify Motion!/content/4243?aid=1101lGsK

Amplify LUT Pack!/content/50070?aid=1101lGsK

PRISM – Realistic Post-Processing!/content/50819?aid=1101lGsK

Photoelectric Shaders!/content/59560?aid=1101lGsK

Enviro – Sky and Weather!/content/33963?aid=1101lGsK

Time of Day!/content/7316?aid=1101lGsK

Sky Master ULTIMATE!/content/25357?aid=1101lGsK

InfiniGRASS – Next Gen Interactive Volume Grass!/content/45188?aid=1101lGsK

HSBColor + Colorx

HSV shader – Hue Shift & Saturation

HSB_HSV_Colorpicker – Texture blending Modes, hue/tint

Built-in shaders for Unity software

Shader Fusion

Signed Distance Field Textures – Fonts effects (blur, outlines…)

Vertex Painter & Blend Shader

Adding Text-To-Texture at Runtime

Free shaders for Unity software

Standard shader with vertex colors

Better fake Normal Filter Antialiasing for deferred lighting

Mirror Reflection

Post-Process Godrays

Transparent AlphaVertexLitZ

Alpha shader


Blend/Fade/CrossFade Material


WetLayer shader

OutlinedDiffuse – Diffuse with toon-style outline

Toon Blend & Toon Wire



Plasma shader

Chickens Shader Bundle

Bumpmap (Grayscale) to Normalmap (RGB)

RNM Shaders

X-ray cutout shader with mouse

Two sided cutout shader – double sided transparent shader

Painting holes with shader v2.0

Shader for Clipping plane

Simple Cross Section Shader

Water splash screen effect shader

Wipe Transition shader

Old film shader

Tangent Basis Calculator Plugin for xNormal

Drag and drop texture on object – GUI-material

Camera Background Gradient Plane