Scripts for Unity software

Visual Studio Community 2013

Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Unity
Visual Studio 2012 Tools for Unity
Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity

AutoScroller -Adds middle click autoscrolling to Visual Studio text editor views

UnityScript Editor

Build Report Tool!/content/8162?aid=1101lGsK

RapidUnity Scripting Solutions – Scripting Reference!/content/205?aid=1101lGsK

Scripting Reference Printable File

About Scripting

Extension Methods!/content/19323?aid=1101lGsK
Gamelogic Unity Extensions – free convenient extension methods (Singleton, StateMachine, GLPlayerPrefs, etc)

Color Extensions Methods – ColorX class to Create Color From Int and From Hex

Unity extension and utility methods



Advanced CSharp Messenger

Editor scripts

Hidden stuff in Unity (PerlinNoise, ToolbarSearchField, terrain system)

Official Boo Scripting Resource Thread

Introduction to MonoDevelop

How can I over-ride the default code formatting policy in MonoDevelop?

Pause Menu with Volume C#

Pause Menu with Options Js – (for SepiaToneEffect, import Standart Assets Pro – Image Effects)

Mesh Creator – (generate colliders from textures based on image transparency)

Scene draw script – Highpoly-lowpoly switch with distance

AntiPiracy Prevention

Online Highscore System

Score & Level System

PHP login script

RayCasting Script to detect sides of 2D collision

Collision Direction 2D

Pick up objects and counter

Lightweight UnityScript XML parser

Adjust Animation speed directly from Inspector

Simple AudioManager

Replacement Splatmap (replace the Terrain Splatmap or Lightmap)

Split String and remove element from array

StrangeIoC – lightweight extensible Inversion-of-Control framework

Polymorphism with javascript

Coroutines in Unity3d

Custom cursor script

How to make a timer in the game

CodeProfiler – Timer for code speed optimization

Lightning Effect

RGB – HSL Color Conversion

Random Hue Colors

Color Shift – Change Color through array of colors

Teleport Scripts

Teleporting Back and forth

High-Speed, Off-Screen Particles Optimization

Menu system (contains Login system plus extras)

Creating a game state manager in Unity 3D


Writing PlayerPrefs Fast

Create destructable buildings


Master Server for Service on Windows Servers

Hexagon Grid

Debug.DrawArrow() – Script to add in ‘Plugins’ folder to have access to DrawArrow Fonction

Drawing bezier curvves – CubicBezier (2D)

Bresenhams line algorithm

Xiaolin Wus line algorithm

Simple shadow casting algorithm


Integer to Roman numerals


3ds Max mesh to unityscript converter

Find multiple GameObject with the same name