Maya Scripts & Plugins

Maya Bonus Tools

Substance Bonus Tools for Maya


Spraytrace – instant preview of your Maya MentalRay scene

Ruin – Shatter

Blast Code – Shatter animated demolition effects

ornatrix – fur, hair, feathers

Yeti – fur, hair, feathers


Exocortex Fury

Shave and a Haircut

KRAKATOA – Volumetric Particle Rendering, Manipulation and Management Toolkit

LipService w/LBrush – BlendShapes, 3D Texture Paint, Scrupting, Corrective sculpt animation, Facial animation

Kinect to Maya motion capture

Miarmy – crowd simulation

Advanced Tween Machine LITE

Advanced Skeleton

Reverse Foot Control Creator

Tools for Animators

Blue Pencil

bhGhost – different approach to ghosting/onion-skinning in 3D

— Maya Rigs —

The Andy Rig

Mathilda Rig 1.0

Mery Project

rockGen – Rock Generator script–2



ZBrush fibers mesh to Maya curves

Nex – resurfacing meshes using Quad Draw tool


Pyranha (Project Manager, Scene Browser)

tradigiTOOLS – animator workflow

IKinema – solution for rigging, retargeting, marker solving, streaming, animation and motion capture

Double Side Texture – Applies Textures on Either Side of the Surface

nathangulate.mel – quadrangulate



DAC – Duplicate Along a Curve

Glass Shatter Plugin v1.0 for Maya


Maya Viewport Render Tool v1.0