Blender3D Tutorials

Blender Official User Manual:

Blender to Unity Workflow!

3DBuzz Fundamentals

3DBuzz Blender 2.6x Tutorials

Face Modeling:

Game Modding
Kat’s Site with lots of blender and ut information:

Realistic Ocean Simulation:
Realistic Cloth Simulation:
Bullet Integration:
Water Simulation Photorealistic Fruit Splash:

Cycles Hair Rendering, Dynamic Topology, Rigid Body Simulation

Animation 101:
Character Animation:
Animation Audio:

Sequencer / Composite / Effects
Introduction to Compositing (3 rounds):
Composting: Hidden safe (2 parts):
Composite Objects into scenes:
Defocus and Specular Highlights:

Sine Wave Script:

UV Offset Modifier (cut-out style animation)


Blender Tutorial: Fake & Fast Subsurface Scattering

Volume Absorption

Sculpting with UVs and displacements