Best Linux Distribution and Desktop Environment

Linux Distribution – Kernel

Arch Linux – most customizable distro

Ubuntu – Popular and user friendly alternative to Microsoft Windows

Lubuntu – more user friendly than Arch, Ubuntu base

Mint – modern, elegant, user friendly, based on Debian and Ubuntu

Ubuntu MATE – for laptop

Kubuntu – open-source alternative to Windows and Mac OS

Steam OS – for gaming oriented distro

Tails – for privacy oriented distro

Sugar – Fedora-based Linux distro aimed at educators and kids

Damn Small Linux – old but 50mb size only

Audio and Video Production
Ubuntu Studio

KXStudio – extremely lightweight stripped down version of KDE, keep the resources free for your production work

AVLinux – extremely lightweight LXDE, keep the resources free for your production work


Red Hat

SUSE Linux

Debian – for running your own server

Linux Desktop Environment – GUI (Graphical User Interface), graphical shell

Xfce – modern, open source, lightweight and easy-to-use, fast, user friendly, low system resources utilization

MATE – for lower spec PCs, extension of GNOME 2

GNOME 3 – most popular, free and open source

KDE Plasma 5 – highly customizable

Cinnamon – user interface based on GNOME

Unity – Graphical desktop shell for GNOME

LXDE – for old hardware

LXQT – for cloud servers and old machines, free, open source, lightweight, simple and fast desktop, remarkably low system resources usage CPU and RAM consumption

Pantheon – simple and well-designed desktop environment for Elementary OS, a Windows & MacOS like Linux distribution

Deepin – simple, elegant and productive


CDE Common Desktop Environment