Assets for Unity software

Advanced Terrain Shaders – unitypackage

Snowify – generates snow-meshes for your assets, automatically unwrapped and textured!/content/6343


DriftingClouds – MovingClouds.unitypackage

Animated Human Marine Model Pack

Frogames ProtoPack – rapid prototyping for Unity Games

Arteria 3D Content Packs


Indie Game Market

Marketplace – Assets and Packages

Skyboxes and Panoramas

Dungeon Construction Kit

A better grass tiling ground texture

Free Simple Building Kit

Free Unity package – 100+ Medevil RPG 3d Models, with Diffuse Normals and Light Maps

Free RPG models…

Free sword collection

Free 2D sprite animations

Free Pacman graphic


Forest trees collection

Low Poly Fir Tree

Road segments

Frozen Orb Skill Prefab (Diablo2)

3D Pack of Vehicles, packs of house & cities