Animation Tools for Unity software

Tween Animation

DOTween Pro – evolution of HOTween, faster, hyper-compatible, with various recycling routines!/content/32416?aid=1101lGsK



iTween Examples & Native Extension!/content/18388?aid=1101lGsK!/content/18391?aid=1101lGsK

iTween Visual path editor!/content/13025?aid=1101lGsK

iTween Visual Editor!/content/180?aid=1101lGsK

iTween Editor!/content/50101?aid=1101lGsK

HOTween + HOTween Visual Editor – fast & robust tween engine, type-safe object-oriented!/content/3311?aid=1101lGsK!/content/4562?aid=1101lGsK


GoKit – Lightweight tween library for Unity!/content/3663?aid=1101lGsK

Visual Actions!/content/10463?aid=1101lGsK

DFTweenLite & DFTween Pro!/content/18312!/content/19587

Facial Animation

FaceFX – Facial animation integration!/content/24120?aid=1101lGsK


iClone – Game Character Design Platform (Morph, Outfit, Animate, Lip-sync)

SALSA With RandomEyes!/content/16944?aid=1101lGsK

Tagarela – editor and runtime solution to create facial animations to your 2D or 3D characters

Cheshire – component for creating lip-sync animations quickly!/content/18746?aid=1101lGsK

Mixamo Face Plus

Cinematic Cutscene Editor

Cinema Director – Sequencer & Cutscene Editor!/content/19779?aid=1101lGsK

Flux Cinematic Editor!/content/18440?aid=1101lGsK

uSequencer Cutscene and Cinematic creator!/content/14572?aid=1101lGsK!/content/3666?aid=1101lGsK

Animator – Timeline Editor!/content/3485?aid=1101lGsK

3D Character Animation

Final IK – Inverse Kinematics solution!/content/14290?aid=1101lGsK

PuppetMaster – Advanced active ragdoll physics complete with ragdoll creation and editing tools!/content/48977?aid=1101lGsK

Third Person Controller!/content/27438?aid=1101lGsK

Skele: Character Animation Tools – Make Character Animations right inside the Unity Editor!/content/16899?aid=1101lGsK

Bio Inspired IK!/content/67819?aid=1101lGsK

Mixamo – Motion Capture Online Library, MoCap Animation Driven Playable Character

Ragdoll Exporter – export or load ragdolls

2D Skeletal Animation




RageTools Pro!/content/3232?aid=1101lGsK

2D Skeletal Animation – Tool outside Unity



Dragonbones – Open Source 2D skeleton animation solution for Flash
DragonBones Library – version for Unity software

Toon Boom Harmony